Time Management 
Game Plan 

Step-by-step method to apply a proven time management strategy so you can get more done and earn more income in less time

For Time Squeezed Business Owners

It never feels like you have enough hours in the day

The reality is that you DO have the time you need - it's just being taken up by non-essential tasks that are getting in the way.

What if there was a simple strategy that would put you back in control of your time, and give you back focused time in your day for you to spend the way you want and need? What would you say to recovering 3 hours a day or 21 hours a week?

Would you be interested?

Does this sound like you?

As a small business owner, you spend your day with: endless to-do lists | working with social media | juggling emails| communicating with suppliers | managing the admin tasks in your business| putting out fires | client meetings | networking

You feel anxious when you get to your desk in the morning, then you fiddle with small tasks instead of accomplishing the big activities in your day. You end your day wondering where the time went. We've all been there.

Somewhere in there you need to get focused so you can grow your business, and have a life at the same time.

It can't be that this chaos is all there is. It's time for more, and you can start by effectively managing your time.



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A "to-do" list isn't enough. You need to figure out which items are essential and which aren't important at all


There are times of day when you're most productive, best at problem solving or communicating with others


Solve the different things that can take away from your productivity. Being perfect isn't all it's cracked up to be

Working with Barb's offerings is magical. Business obstacles crumble away, and light bulbs go off. The direct, real world approach cuts through the fluff and gets me back to real results, quickly. I find the time spent with these course offerings to be time well spent and well priced!
Angela Noble, 

Process SME

The first time I took a 5-day challenge here I couldn't get over how much I learned and was able to apply right away. It definitely gave me the confidence with  tasks I consistenly use in my day. This time management course was more of the same.
Helen Evans,

Personal Coach

There are a number of approaches to time management (I've tried a few), and I must say that this approach made sense to me. It showed my techniques I am comfortable with and I've found it easy to stick with it. I'm seeing results already. Thanks!
James Buchanan,


Developing a Time Management System that works for your business and life brings so many benefits

Taking a holistic view to your time management practices is the only way to be successful. This 3-part strategy will guide you to discover the results you need for success in your business and personal life. The benefits are clear:

A Time Management System that reduces stress by working with your natural style and not trying to force you to become something you're not

Achieve your business and personal goals instead of constantly dealing with the "busy work" in your business. You'll take laser-focused action and enjoy your work

Productive time management styles and practices that become a habit you can work with - and generate the results you're looking for as you work less and get more done

Be clear on your business and personal vision and stay true to your mission. You will remember and confirm why you started this journey

Course Summary

As a time squeezed business owner, you'll get more done in less time when you work through this course.
When you sucessfully complete this course you will see a change in the way you look at managing your time. You'll quickly learn to recognize the important activities you have to focus on in a timely fashion to accomplish your goals. You will start operating in your own zone that can't help but be successful in, once you stop fighting your natural tendencies. You will honour your self and your business when you're working from your best place. You will experience growth as a natural outcome of your focused attention.

These resources are included in your course:

    • An Activity Guide complete with worksheets for each section
    • A Time Audit to get you focused on how your day REALLY goes
    • Printable resources you'll use to create the new habits you'll form
    • A collection of articles and posts to reinforce what you'll learn

Course Curriculum

Barbara Jemmott

20+ years of experience working with businesses to understand and implement systems, strategies and procedures is what I bring to the small business space. This passion is focused on helping business owners grow their audiences and income, online.

John Smith


Highly Recommended Course. Easy to Understand, Informative, Very Well Organized. The Course is Full of Practical and Valuable for Anyone who wants to Enhance their Skills. Really Enjoyed it. Thank you!!

A Time Management System to reduce your stress

This step-by-step method applies a proven Time Management Strategy so you can get more done and make more money, in less time

Time Management Game Plan


One-time fee, CAD 

  •  With Activity Guide
  • Worksheets included
  •  Free Time Audit
  • Printable resources
  • Collection of articles 

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

There are some really common questions that come up, and we'll be adding additional questions and answers from our customers right here in this list. In the meantime, check out these.
When does the course start & finish?

This self-paced course starts now and stays open! You decide when to start, and when to finish.

How long will I have access to the course?

It's lifetime access for you! After enrolling you'll have unlimited access across all your devices

What if I'm unhappy with this course? 

We don't want you to be unhappy! If you are unhappy with your purchase, contact us within 30 days for a full refund